Q&A –  Bad Credit Title Loans Santa Clara CA

Selecting the Best Suited Moneylender for a Car Title Loan

Our very best customers are interested in all the details pertaining to their auto title loans.  We’ve addressed their most typical questions to help you make the right choice for yourself.  Of course our trained financial specialists are available to help you on an individual basis.  We invite you to scan this list to see if you can get your questions answered here.

Q:  What is a car title loan? 

A:  Car Title Loans, also known as Pink Slip Loans or Auto Title Loans, are all the same thing.  Borrowing on equity from your vehicle, this loan is a loan based on the equity you have in your car.  Using your car title as collateral, you can borrow money based on the value of your car.

Q:  Wait, my credit history’s not too impressive.  Can I still get a loan? 

A:  A Car Title Loan is a way for you to get credit for bad credit.  You are borrowing cash against the value of your car, You can qualify if you have bad credit.

Q: How do I qualify?

A:  Contact us at (408) 912-7610, (we’re open 24/7).  We’ll get started by asking to see a couple of documents.  We’ll need proof that you are a legal resident (your driver’s license will do), and also that your vehicle is properly registered in the state of California.  We’ll do some quick calculations based on the make, model, and year of your car to determine how much to loan you.

Q:  How much can I borrow? 

A:  Well that depends on the value of your vehicle.  We use the industry standard Kelley Blue Book to determine fair market value.  The current price of your car will determine how much we’re able to lend you.

Q:  When can I get my money? 

A:  It’s as simple as getting over to our office in Santa Clara.  Once you’re approved you can collect your money.

For quick, hassle-free cash, call Car Title Loans Santa Clara today!