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How Car Title Loans Work in Santa Clara CA

24/7 Fast Cash Loans in Santa Clara – Equity in Your Car!

Your car may be your best asset and source for cash.  If you need to borrow money and you have equity in your auto, you should look carefully at a Car Title Loan from Car Title Loans Santa Clara.  The report we consult is the Kelley’s Blue Book to determine the market value of your car.  The report we don’t care about is your credit score.  We only look at the equity you have in your car and the fair market value of that car.  It’s that simple to qualify for a loan.

Affordable Terms, Quick Cash, Easy Financing

We offer credit for bad credit in the form of cash loan based on the value of your car.  Call today for a consultation.  We can tell you over the phone if you qualify.  The good news is that you can drive your car during the term of the loan.  We make it as easy for you as possible to get the cash you need, In only  three steps you can get your loan:

Prompt Online Title Loans in Santa Clara

1) Call us at (408) 912 7610. We’ll ask you a few questions and take some basic information to open the file.  The financial advisor who answers the phone will be able to assess the application with you over the phone and offer you an appropriate loan amount.

2) Come to our offices in downtown Santa Clara.  Bring along documents showing where you live and where the car is registered and some other paperwork to complete the file.

3) Cash your check!  We give you cash for your car.  It’s as simple as that. We become the lien holder of your car until the loan is completely repayed.

Santa Clara’s hometown lender, Prima Title Loans Santa Clara is here for you.
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