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My daughter just got divorced and she needed to set up her new apartment.  The expenses got away from her.  She doesn’t own a car, but I wanted to help.  I took out a Car Title Loan with you and it couldn’t have been easier.  I was able to give her a couple grand to help her out.  It made both of us feel really good.  Thank you for how nice everyone was to me.    Claire B. Santa Clara, CA.

After I graduated I thought I’d be ready to set up shop on my own.  But the costs of opening a business – cards, website, wardrobe, forget it!  I needed to spend money to make money.  But where to start?  I found a survey of best car loans and called the top rated one.  You guys at Car Title Loans Santa Clara have a great reputation and I am writing to add my voice to them!  Thank you for making it quick and easy. Tom J. Parker, Santa Clara, CA.

When I needed to pay off my mother’s medical bills I had nowhere to turn to.  I needed to get money fast.  My cousin told me to call Car Title Loans Santa Clara to see what they could do for me.  Wow!  Was I surprised.  They were helpful. And very nice to me on the phone.  We were able to get that $3,500 to pay my mother’s medical bills before they ruined her good credit.  I am so grateful for this service.  Thank you. Jessie H. Santa Clara, California.

I’m a single working mother and my children’s education is the most important thing to me.  I was just a couple thousand dollars short of my eldest daughter’s full tuition and paying cash would give me 3% discount.  It was a great deal I didn’t want to pass up.  But I was just short of the money we needed.  I googled “online car title loans” and found Car Title Loans Santa Clara to be the best bet.  I was able to comfortably enroll my daughter in the international program and we are all so pleased we could do that!  Special thanks to Sam at Car Title Loans Santa Clara for helping my dreams come true! Melanie Fumes, Santa Clara.

We found each other!  We found the hall.  We found the bridesmaid dresses and best man’s tux’s.  What we couldn’t find was the money to pull off the perfect day.  Thanks for showing us how to get cash for our car.  It helped us make our day truly special! Alex Baids, Santa Clara.